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                Koza Novel Materials Co., Ltd

                Koza Novel Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Koza New Materials") was established in 2017 and is controlled and managed by Genzon Group.

                Koza new material is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of polymer materials. It integrates product development, production and sales. Relying on its strong R & D strength, the company focuses on the three industries of "electronics, medical treatment and consumption to produces BOPET base film , high-end PET sheet products, OCA optical glue, PI, Graphene thermal conductive film, LCP and medical grade PLA. The products can be widely used in optical display, touch panel Medical and other high-tech industrial fields and civil consumption fields such as food packaging, fiber and textile.

                In the future, Koza new materials will adhere to the mission of "ultimate materials and maximum application", commit to the development of new green, environmental friendly and sustainable high-tech materials, and become the leader of global advanced material solutions

                Suzhou, Jiangsu

                A domestic advanced world-class laboratory

                A core R&D group, led by a doctor having studied in America, is stationed in the Silicon Valley to absorb world leading technologies

                The high-level agricultural film test base helps our coordinated innovation in production, study and research

                Shuyang, Jiangsu

                Production base with a sufficient production capacity

                110,000 ㎡ Factory; 180,000 ton annual production capacity;

                Four Dornir direct-melting biaxial tension film production lines;

                1 home-made test line;

                6S Standardized Workshop.


                dedicated to becoming the leader in the new material industry