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                CORE ADVANTAGES

                A core R&D group, led by a doctor having studied in America, is stationed in the Silicon Valley to absorb world leading technologies

                The high-level agricultural film test base helps our coordinated innovation in production, study and research

                The degradable polyester synthesis technology, a globally initiative independent intellectual property and patented technology with the authorization of 15 regions including China, the US, Europe, Japan and Taiwan

                Project approval of research findings commercialization of Jiangsu Province in 2014

                The 2nd prize in the final of the Third China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition — Novel Materials Industry in 2014

                MANAGEMENT TEAM

                We have a professional, experienced and efficient team to promote the fast and steady development of GENZON Novel Materials in the aspects of technology research and development, manufacture management, quality control, marketing management and business operation and management.


                Annual productivity of 180,000 tons in the 110,000m2 factory

                Four Dornir film-drawing production lines and one home-made test line

                Workshops under 6S standardized management