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                TALENT CONCEPT

                Talent comes first

                GENZON believes that talent comes with success. We need talented staff to quickly occupy the market in our new industries and to realize leading positions in our matured industries. It is our talent team that produces distinctive products and builds strong core competence. GENZON insists that talent team building stays first, which means continuous huge investment on team construction aspect.

                Talent Team Construction Principle

                Attract talents with market opportunities

                Evaluate talents with market achievements

                Train talents with market competition

                Respect talents, but not over accommodate them

                Employment Mechanism

                GENZON always believes that opportunities lean to fighters, especially people who dare to challenge and accomplish challenges

                people who dare to challenge and accomplish challenges

                people who dare to face difficulties

                people who grow up from first-tier

                people who are good at cultivating others

                people who dare to self-criti-cize

                TALENT CONCEPT
                • Leading Team

                  Is one of the key factors that GENZON developed successfully in various divisions, therefore, the selection and training is the main part of GENZON’s sustainable development.

                • Core Technical Team

                  To satisfy the need of technical industries, GENZON aims at recruiting top talents all over the world.

                • Professional Team

                  high standard of recruitment, high requirement of employment, high training criteria and high-qualified staff team will together bring high efficiency to GENZON. High standard does not equal to high degree or rich experience, but refers to high level of practical ability and professional qualifications.